Best clothes for having photos taken

I am frequently asked “What should I wear to have my photo taken?” I always answer the same way: a white shirt.


A white shirt is always elegant and always classic. It can be oversized, and this will allow you to accentuate what you want to whilst maybe hiding those minor imperfections that we all have.  Borrow a shirt from your boyfriend/husband/father/brother/son. If you go make a special shopping trip for the perfect shirt, chose a shirt two sizes larger than you would do normally.

Combining the shirt for the greatest effect will depend on the style of the photos being taken. For business photos, for your company website, or LinkedIn profile, add a pencil skirt, cigarette trousers, or chinos.  Add high heels if you would like to, but remember that patent leather will reflect the flash so these are best avoided.


For a more casual effect, add your favourite jeans, and combine with nude shoes or simply go barefoot.


Think of your white shirt as a canvass – and you can use jewelry to accent perfectly; choose confident earrings, and a bracelet that will frame your wrists.


If you are going to a photo shoot as part of a couple, don’t both wear white shirts.  One of you could go for stripy, or light blue or light pink. The main principle to follow here is to avoid too much contrast between the shade of the clothes, avoid mixing white with dark brown or dark blue for instance.


Part of any good photographer’s service should be making sure you are comfortable in just the right clothing choices to allow the real you to shine through in the photos.  If you're looking for a photographer in Gloucester or Gloucestershire, I will be delighted to offer this consultancy as part of any photography package.  If you are coming to the studio, of course, you could bring a whole suitcase full of different looks; just don’t forget your white shirt!